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“The leaders of our city, whom we have voted for and put our trust in, are looking widely into the future. For us, as a city, we will want to enjoy the parts of life that will be coming as technology advances. We don’t need to fear it, instead we should embrace it….While it is not cheap, the improvements to our city will be amazing. There are things like 5G coming that are faster, but technologies like this are WAYS off and also require a stronger infrastructure. A 5G network is not run on your typical cable network; it needs a stronger system to be powerful enough. If we want to keep up with the world, we need to take measures like this.”

– Alex Pratt

“I would love to have gig/fiber! We have debated moving to Lindon to have the faster service at a better price. Currently have Comcast gig service for $138 a month…but it is not symmetrical. Quit with the delays and get it underway already.”

– Tom Knorr

“Shortly after my wife and I moved to American Fork, AirSwitch was putting in a fiber backbone with cat 5 ethernet from their router to your home. It was great and American Fork was leading the State in high-speed internet. Then nothing was ever upgraded and the city finally sold the infrastructure. We eventually switched to ComCast to get 60 MBs. I’d much rather pay American Fork in order to invest in our community in order to get GB internet speeds to support our 20+ devices now in our home that are all connected to the internet.”

– Anonymous

Contact Your City Council Members Today!

Encourage them to vote ‘yes’ for this project. 

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